Is this Darth Vader in the first Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer?

We think we might have spotted (and heard) a certain dark lord of the Sith


The first trailer for Star Wars prequel/spin-off Rogue One has just landed, and amongst all the fun and Death Star-spying shenanigans, there’s one moment in particular that has our minds racing.


You see, the film is set prior to the original 1977 A New Hope, which means we might expect to see a few of the original trilogy’s characters returning – and we reckon we might just have spotted the most iconic figure of them all. Take a look at this still from the trailer and see if you can spot a certain Anakin Akywalker…

Yes, we reckon this kneeling figure might be Darth Vader himself, long-rumoured to have a part in the movie (which would make sense given its plot and time frame).

Just look at this guy – black cloak, sense of menace, kneeling before the Emperor’s personal bodyguards (not seen outside Palpatine’s presence) – totally Darth-y.

The trailer also ends with the faint echoes of what sounds like Vader’s trademark laboured breathing, as well as his iconic Imperial March theme.

On the other hand, it could be that the cloaked figure is the Emperor himself (hence the guards), and the weird life support-style tube thing he’s approaching is being used by Vader (which would also make sense). But then why would he be kneeling?

On the other other hand, maybe it’s someone else entirely and we’re speculating over nothing, but let’s gloss over that possibility. Whoo, Darth Vader forever! 


Rogue One: A Star Wars story will be released on the 16th December