Neighbours: Doug Willis is killed off – actor Terence Donovan exits the soap

The second casualty of the Lassiter's hotel blast is revealed


Long-standing Neighbours character Doug Willis has been killed off, ending actor Terence Donovan’s 25-year association with the Australian soap.


Doug was seen dying from head injuries sustained in the blast at Lassiter’s hotel, dealing a further blow to the Willis family, who are already reeling from the death of Brad’s son Josh.

In the run-up to his demise, Doug was seen trying to reunite errant grandson Ned Willis with his father, but the reconciliation proved to be tainted with sadness after Doug collapsed at the scene.

Actor Terence Donovan – the father of former Neighbours star Jason Donovan – was introduced to the show in 1990 along with his screen family, only to be written out four years ago.

He returned in 2005 to mark Neighbours’s 20th anniversary before making another comeback in 2014 when Doug came to live with his family on Ramsay Street.

Recent storylines have charted the progression of Doug’s Alzeimer’s following his diagnosis with the disease. Speaking about the deterioration of Doug’s mental health, Donovan said last year: 

“I think Neighbours is a wonderful forum to raise the subject to young people so that they are aware of what older people are coping with. Nearly all families are going to be impacted by it in the future.”


Neighbours continues tomorrow on Channel 5 at 1.45 and 5.30pm