Could this be the title of the new solo Spider-Man film?

We untangle the web of Marvel and Sony’s big project with new webslinger Tom Holland


OK, yet more superhero news – what’s the scoop this time?


Well, a rumour has hit the WEB (see what I did there) that the upcoming solo Spider-Man film has a title, after a website domain called was registered by Sony (the link spotted by the BBC currently redirects to Sony’s site, and is registered with the same company as Sony’s main website). The title could also hint at what the film will include, but we’ll get to that later.

Oh great – I can’t wait to see Andrew Garfield back in action! 


Er, nope – we’re on our third Spider-Man now, this time played by Tom Holland, who we’ll first get to see in action later this month for Captain America: Civil War (above). His involvement came after a massive deal between Marvel and Sony, and he popped up in a trailer for Civil War a few weeks ago, remember?

Hmmm… I think I went outside at some point so I may have missed one of the 79 pieces of superhero movie news that day. Anyway, what’s this Homecoming story about?

Well, there’s some speculation that it could be a tie-in to an old Spider-Man storyline from the 1980s of the same name, which saw Spider-Man return from a massive battle with other heroes and villains on another planet with a brand-new costume (which turned out to be an evil alien symbiote, but what are you gonna do?).


If adapted to screen, we’re thinking that the big battle in Civil War could sub for the alien world one, with more cameos from Marvel heroes. The comic-book storyline saw appearances from heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and the Wasp, which means it would totally fit in with Marvel’s shared universe cameo style.

In fact, Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) and Chris Evans (Captain America) have hinted that they’re going to be in the film already, so that part at least is probably true.

Amazing, astonishing and uncanny – so I should start reading up from that comic-book right?

Er, maybe not.

What do you mean? I’m already in a bidding war on eBay

Well, the Homecoming story is an odd choice to base a whole film on for a few reasons. It’s not a massively classic story (though not a bad one by any means) and it largely hinges around the black alien costume Spider-Man returns to Earth with. That costume would go on to be revealed as an alien symbiote trying to bond with the hero, and after Spidey removed it the costume escaped and joined with another person to form classic Spider-Man foe Venom, a plotline already used in 2007’s Spider-Man 3.


The comic-book version of Venom

But Sony already have a Venom film in development with no connection to the Marvel universe, so they’d have to leave out that bit, and then it’s just quite an ordinary Spider-Man story.

Oh – so why would it be called Homecoming?

Well, the filmmakers might just have nicked the title of a well-known comic to help focus their own ideas (after all, Avengers: Age of Ultron has very little in common with the Age of Ultron comic it took its name from).

For example, Marvel bigwig Kevin Feige says the solo Spider-Man film will have the feel of John Hughes’ classic high-school movies, so the “Homecoming” could refer to the classic American school event including an autumn prom as well as the webhead’s return from somewhere (and to cinema screens).

Yes, Spider-Man might spend an entire film trying to get a date for prom.

That sounds kind of lame

It’s actually quite accurate for Spider-Man’s earliest adventures, which almost always involved some romantic screwball element, so I’m all for it. Also, this comic by Kate Beaton involving Spidey’s enemy Kraven the Hunter (props to The Mary Sue for pulling this in) makes it look pretty fun.


Fair enough – I guess we can just look forward to Spider-Man: Homecoming then!

Oh, it might not be called that.


Well, it’s early days and this might be one of many names Sony is floating around. It’s pretty common practice to do this, actually – back when they were working out how to make Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros had domains registered for both Batman vs Superman and Superman vs Batman, as well as these variants on Man of Steel that didn’t include Dawn of Justice:

Man of Steel: Battle the Knight

Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness

Man of Steel: Black of Knight

Man of Steel: Darkness Falls

Man of Steel: Knight Falls

Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night

Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour

Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

So yeah, Homecoming is probably just one option.

So today’s news is actually that a film may be called something based on a comic book but probably isn’t based on that comic book and might not actually be called anything yet at all?

Pretty much, yeah.

God, I hate superhero movies.

Better strap in – we’ve got another decade or so of them to go.


Captain America: Civil War will be released in the UK on the 29th April