Worlds collide in this fan-made Avengers vs Justice league trailer

Forget Batman v Superman and Civil War — this is the superhero fight the world wants to see


No matter where we turn, it seems like superheroes simply cannot help fighting one another. With Batman v Superman dominating the box offices the past few weekends and Captain America: Civil War set to have similar impact in May, it seems superheroes will clash for the foreseeable future. 


Some fans love this, and one has even thought up what the next big superhero battle needs to be.

YouTube user Shawn Nider put together his own trailer for an Avengers v Justice League film. He used footage from multiple Marvel and DC films and made an epic mash-up where a multiverse is created, and the Avengers and Justice League find one another and immediately begin fighting.


While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see the two superhero teams go head-to-head on the big screen, sometimes it’s just fun to dream.