This new Independence Day: Resurgence trailer sees the return of a classic character

It’s a good day for Brent Spiner fans


Remember Dr. Brackish Okun? You know, that scientist in the original Independence Day played by Mr Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation (aka Brent Spiner), who found himself impaled by aliens and used as a handy translation device?


No? He’s this guy.

Still nothing? Well it’s probably about time you educated yourself, because the latest trailer for the alien invasion epic’s upcoming sequel Independence Day: Resurgence is here and it’s distinctly Brackish-ish.

Apparently, not only did Brackish survive his impaling (he appears in the above trailer in a nice scarf) but he also seems to have inspired Bill Pullman’s former President Whitmore to try his own stint as an extra-terrestrial duolingo, pressed up against some glass in the exact way Spiner’s character was in the original film.

Truly, it’s a glorious day for the intensely loyal Brackish Okun fandom.


 Independence Day: Resurgence will be released in the UK on the 24th June