Rob Titchener is still alive! The Archers takes a fresh twist as Helen is arrested

Dramatic events on the BBC Radio 4 soap find Helen put in handcuffs and evil Rob taken to hospital


“He’s breathing!”


Two words that sent a chill through every Archers listener as Kirsty Miller revealed that abusive Rob Titchener is still alive!

Last night’s episode of the BBC Radio 4 soap left listeners under the impression that beleaguered Helen Titchener had stabbed her monster of a husband Rob to death.

But this evening’s visit to Ambridge found events taking a fresh twist as Rob was discovered to still be in the land of the living.

With emergency services on the scene at Blossom Hill Cottage, Helen’s young son Henry was dispatched to grandparents Pat and Tony while PC Harrison Burns briefed investigating officers from CID.

Rob was then diagnosed as having a collapsed lung with medics commenting that he was “lucky to be alive”. Helen was then arrested on suspicion of wounding, with the facts about the pain to which she’s been subjected still to come out.

As Rob was wheeled out on a stretcher, listeners were no left to wonder whether Helen’s nearest and dearest will start to question her sanity thanks to the seeds of doubt that Rob has sown. 

So will the truth come out? Or is Helen set to endure further trauma in the wake of Rob’s hospitalisation?


The Archers continues tomorrow on BBC Radio 4 at 7pm