Next week on The Archers: Pip helps Tom, Pat is on edge – and will Elizabeth be an award winner?

10-15 April 2016: Plus Clarrie frets about the Grundys' good name


The perennially put-upon Grundys are trying to restore their reputation in the wake of Alf’s departure, with Clarrie keen to make the damage to the church’s finances. But at least there’s a glimmer of light as Eddie prepares to show off his handiwork as his shepherds hut is unveiled. But will Lynda be impressed?


Elsewhere, it’s all getting a bit Howards’ Way with the Ambridge high flyers as the Borsetshire Businesswoman of the Year awards reach their climax. However, hotly tipped but modest Elizabeth is keen to avoid the spotlight. As expected, though, Lilian has no such reservations and sets about hob-nobbing with aplomb.

Lilian (Sunny Ormonde)

Shula is enjoying the occasion too, but with the arrival of Richard Locke, could three prove to be a crowd? Delighted Emma is in attendance, and with Adam including Ed in the labour mix for his latest cropping plans, the new generation Grundys feel they could really be going somewhere at last.

Hapless Jazzer, meanwhile, finds himself in a tricky spot, and Jill takes a mysterious call. The Fairbrother hens are beginning to lay, but when the eggs appear at the Ambridge View breakfast table, served up with Susan’s take on Josh’s latest marketing move, they leave a bad taste with Neil. He confronts Josh – will feathers fly?

A visitor to Bridge Farm causes Pat consternation – and a restless Henry does nothing to soothe her nerves. And Kirsty – who has enough problems of her own – despairs of Tom before offering up some advice. 


Finally, Pip has a business proposition for both David and Tom. But when it turns out that Tom has more pressing matters on his mind, it’s down to Pip to lend a sympathetic ear.