Next week on Coronation Street: Maria has a new husband, Nick has a health crisis – plus Gary is arrested!

11-15 April 2016: And Tyrone comes under suspicion of theft


It’s your guide to all next week’s drama in Weatherfield…


1. Maria returns – with a big secret!

Maria is back from Cyprus with a new husband by the name of Pablo. But all is not what it seems: Maria is soon explaining to her disgruntled boyfriend Luke that Pablo’s parents don’t know that he’s gay and she married him as a favour so that he can be with his British boyfriend. Unable to comprehend the situation, Luke storms off, but will Maria’s efforts to win him back work?

2. Nick fears for his health

Nick loses his temper with Bethany’s bully Lauren and hurls he bag into the road, only to later find himself accused of assault. Haunted by his past trauma, Nick confesses to David how he completely lost control and reckons he’ll have to accept that he’s brain damaged for life. 

3. Sarah’s strange behaviour worries Billy and Kylie

Sarah is still a cause for concern, especially when she’s seen begging Billy to squeeze in baby Harry’s Christening as a matter of urgency. But when Billy later tells Sarah that he might have to postpone the service, Sarah is furious and insists that it needs to take place as soon as possible. Both Billy and Kylie are taken aback by Sarah’s overreaction, but can they get to the bottom of what’s troubling her?

4. Gary is arrested

With Izzy asking Gary to score her some more dope, he’s left with little choice but to do her bidding. But Sharif thinks that Gary is dealing steroids at the gym and has him arrested! By Friday, Izzy takes responsibility for her actions and goes to the police station to explain that Gary was buying the drugs for her. But she only makes matters worse when Gary finds himself on a drugs supply charge…

5. Tyrone comes under suspicion

Tyrone has a money-making scheme: to sell scrap metal. But Fiz is sceptical, while Norris and Mary are downright suspicious, especially when the iron street signs go missing from the walls. So is Ty guilty of theft as he tries to make a profit?

6. Chesney leaves for Portugal

Chesney is forced to fly off to Portugal on his own after Sinead goes down with a bout of flu. With their relationship looking shaky, Sinead is given further cause for concern when she finds out that Ches will be staying with Katy and Joseph in their apartment. By the end of the week, Sinead is confiding in Fiz that she reckons Chesney would rather be anywhere but with her at the moment.

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