Josh Willis dies in Neighbours hotel explosion

Actor Harley Bonner exits the Australian soap in moving scenes


Josh Willis has become the first casualty of the hotel explosion at Lassiter’s, his death marking the exit of actor Harley Bonner following three years on the Australian soap.


Josh was seen saying goodbye to his nearest and dearest after being crushed by a beam and sacrificing himself in order to save Daniel Robinson.

With Josh’s injuries too severe to risk a transfer to ambulance, dad Brad, mum Terese and sisters Paige and Imogen had one last conversation with him in moving scenes just broadcast on Channel 5.

Josh even got to say farewell to daughter Matilda via phone, his death coming just as he’d announced that he was moving to Queensland in order to be with her.

After requesting that Matilda be told that the last thing he thought about was her, Josh breathed his last as Adele’s When We Were Young played on the soundtrack.

Neighbours has already revealed that it plans to kill off two characters during its Hotel Death Trap week, with teasers hinting at the risks posed to long-standing character Toadie, who is also caught up in the mayhem. Upcoming episodes will also Paul Robinson put in the frame for causing the explosion.


Neighbours continues tomorrow on Channel 5 at 1.45 and 5.30pm.