Home and Away: Evelyn gets the all-clear, plus Ricky surprises Nate by setting up plans to marry immediately

11-15 April 2016: And Kat discovers that Charlotte called Kyle just before her death


Monday 11 April


Evelyn is overcome with emotion when doctors tell her that she does not have cancer. Matt and Maddy fight over cleaning their new place after Matt accidentally shrinks Maddy’s favourite sweater. Ricky is worried that Nate cannot forget her past with Brax and surprises him by arranging plans for them to get married this week! 

Tuesday 12 April

Nate moves into the Palmer house with Ricky and Casey. Josh and Evie reconnect during their first day at university and he asks her out on a date. Hannah admits to Evelyn that she still loves Chris, and when she later spots him putting rubbish bags out she runs to catch up with him, only to fall and hit her head. She lies motionless, hidden by the bins. 

Wednesday 13 April

Chris finds Hannah and takes her to hospital. Matt and Maddy’s constant bickering starts to annoy their friends. Evelyn and Josh reunite through an awkward date. Chris finally forgives Hannah and they get back together. Kat discovers that Charlotte called Kyle just before her death. 

Thursday 14 April

Skye overhears Olivia gossiping about her behind her back to Hunter. Despite Billie’s best efforts, VJ refuses to forgive Hunter for starting the fire. Ash and Andy decide to go into business together and open up a garage. Dylan and Kat find more evidence to suggest that Kyle killed Charlotte. 


Friday 15 April

When Ash and Andy are rejected by the bank, Kat offers to invest in their business. VJ and Hunter finally come to a truce and Leah invites Hunter to move back in with them. After trawling through surveillance footage from the bait shop, Kat and Dylan spot something new and ask Zac in for questioning over Charlotte’s murder.