Daniel Radcliffe’s farting corpse movie gets its first trailer

Swiss Army Man also stars Paul Dano and sees the former Harry Potter star's lifeless body wash up on a tropical island


Ever since his Harry Potter days, Daniel Radcliffe has earned a reputation for picking obscure roles. There’s the time he got starkers on stage in Equus, the time he walked dogs for ten seconds in Trainwreck and the time he played a bloke with actual horns growing out of his forehead. 


But his latest role really takes the biscuit. Swiss Army Man sees Radcliffe play a farting corpse named Manny who washes up on a desert island inhabited by stranded Hank (Paul Dano). Together they embark on flatulence filled adventures. Yes, really. 

Daniel Radcliffe told us last year that the film is “100 per cent the weirdest thing I’ve ever done,” and indeed, when Swiss Army Man aired at Sundance Film Festival there were reports of walkouts


But watching the first trailer above, we can’t help but see a certain charm in this bizarre flick. Or maybe that’s just our toilet humour talking…