Melissa Joan Hart teased the return of Sabrina the Teenage Witch AND Clarissa Explains It All

90s kids, it's the news we've all been waiting for


Take a deep breath. This is the best news you’ll hear all day. 


Melissa Joan Hart is in meetings to reboot Sabrina the Teenage Witch AND Clarissa Explains it All. 

Now take another deep breath. You probably need it. 

The actress and former child star was appearing on US talk show FABLife when she dropped the bombshell, revealing, “I am going to a meeting after this,” a revelation met by whoops and cheers from the audience. She tried to calm everyone down – impossible! – explaining, “it’s a meeting, take a step back”.

Joan Hart went on to disclose a few more details of the sorts of conversations she’s been having. “They’re throwing around Clarissa and Sabrina ideas. It depends on who’s going to give up rights, who’s going to do it, how it’s going to be done. It’s a lot of politics and we are nowhere near doing anything.” 

Does this mean it’s a one-or-the-other-type situation? After all, Joan Hart is now mother to three boys (bet that makes you feel old) and probably doesn’t have time to film two TV series concurrently.


Which leaves us with the ultimate conundrum: Sabrina or Clarissa? Clarissa or Sabrina? Cool pointy-finger magic or lots of explaining? Which would you choose?