The Archers: “I’m evil personified,” says Rob Titchener actor Timothy Watson

The 53-year-old Ambridge star speaks out on the dramatic plot that has listeners gripped


The Archers actor Timothy Watson has spoken out about the chilling effect his character Rob Titchener has on listeners.


“I’m a passive-aggressivem narcissistic psychopath. I’m evil personified. Well, at least Rob Titchener is,” he commented.

Listeners to the BBC Radio 4 soap have been gripped by abusive Rob’s manipulation of long-suffering wife Helen (Louiza Patikas), with rumours currently circulating as to whether Rob is also responsible for other crimes in the village.

Did he, for instance, cause the flood that devastated Ambridge last year? And was he responsible for Stefan’s disappearance after the Berrow Farm worker voiced his suspicions?

Said Watson to the Mail: “Did I murder Stefan? I might have. He’s certainly disappeared very suddenly. Some may think I’ve murdered him. I couldn’t possibly comment.

“Did I block the culvert to divert the flood water away from the dairy sheds and towards the village? Some think so. Stefan did. And he told David and Ruth Archer. But I’m not saying.”

Thankfully, the 53-year-old actor made is plain that his real personality is a world away from the wicked Rob’s:

“I support Compassion in World Farming. I hate mega dairies, they’re appalling things. I’ve got no interest in country pursuits, I’ve never held a cricket bat, even though as Rob I’ve managed to cheat during the single wickets in Ambridge.

“And I hate hunting. I would probably have been standing with the hunt saboteurs instead of falsely accusing one of assaulting me. So the real me probably wouldn’t fare too well in Ambridge.”


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