Familiar Love Island contestants set to return this summer

Naturally the Alberti twins are keen for another takeover…


The Love Island villa will welcome a whole host of saucy new contestants this summer – and some familiar faces will be back on the ITV2 show, too.


Well, one summer of ‘pie-ing’ people, isn’t enough is it?

Top of the list of those wanting to return, I’m told, is the Alberti twins. Remember? John and Tony came in late last year, got into a load of rows and had some painfully awkward dates that led to the biggest discussion of ‘who pied whom’ in the history of the world. I don’t think we ever truly saw them get to the bottom of who did and didn’t reject each other. But for goodness sake don’t tell them that.

Anyway, according to a source, they’re keen to be involved again. Not as contestants. Sheesh, not for a third time. They already did a bit of a comeback last series. Instead, I’m told to think ‘Celeb twin chefs cooking for some of the dates’. Well, they’ve got their own magazine column and blog where they talk about food don’t ya know? They’ve probably got some new phrase up their sleeve. No longer putting the ‘winning in twinning’, but putting the ‘king in cooking’… or something. 

It’d be a fun wander down the Love Island memory lane. They might not have made the final stages last summer, but they’d certainly be remembered. And the show already did a similar thing by bringing in original contestants Paul Danan and Calum Best last year. It follows they’d do something similar this year.  

Having said that, however, I get the impression show bosses are keen for some of the bigger characters to make a comeback. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see winner Jessica Hayes back to throw some sort of outlandish party. Drama really could be her middle name. Or I’d like to see teasing Naomi Ball back, perhaps with off-screen powers to mix up the couples who seem just that little too settled. Although – get ready for some disappointment – I got the distinct impression Jon Clark, now busy with filming TOWIE, won’t be back. I know, and they’ve got the perfect way to herald his return, too. Picture it: massive drama, everyone arguing, no-one knowing how to stop it and then suddenly you hear the booming voice of narrator Iain Stirling declaring: “BRING IN THE JONATHAN!” It basically writes itself.

Maybe next year. 


Love Island returns to ITV2 this summer