Neighbours: an explosion rips through Lassiter’s – leaving lives in the balance

4-8 April 2016: Plus Susan catches Karl in a compromising position with old flame Sarah


Monday 4 April


When the boiler at Lassiter’s explodes, debris rains down and Daniel and Josh are trapped beneath a concrete column. Karl quickly realises that Daniel needs to be freed and rushed to hospital urgently or he will die, while Josh, who has suffered a crush injury, will haemorrhage if the column is lifted. 

Tuesday 5 April

Karl bumps into Sarah Beaumont sporting a sprained ankle and carries her to safety, only to come face-to-face with Susan. Kyle asks Amy for a second chance after considering returning to Georgia. Piper wonders if Chas was behind the chaos at Lassiter’s. 

Wednesday 6 April

Brad struggles to deal with Doug’s apparent delusions of waiting for Ned, Brad’s estranged son, but just when he is about to lose patience Doug spots Ned and he joins them as they escape the hotel. Susan asks Karl why he lied about meeting Sarah. Karl rejects Nene’s offer of help and she is chased away by Paige before she can do damage. 

Thursday 7 April

Brad asks Ned to stay in Erinsborough, but Lauren is cautious when she spies a gang tattoo on his chest. Paul reacts guiltily when Mark asks him for CCTV footage of Lassiter’s to help the investigation. Sonya makes a shocking discovery when she realises that Toadie’s last call came from inside the hotel. 


Friday 8 April

Aaron is stunned to see Nate working on the rescue team. When they locate Toadie he is in a precarious position and decides to make final arrangements in case of his death. Steph discovers incriminating evidence in Paul’s briefcase. Ben and Xanthe stumble on a bag of cash hidden in the hotel penthouse.