MasterChef ditches “cooking doesn’t get tougher than this” catchphrase

John and Gregg have some new opening lines and contestant Julie comes with plenty of her own muddled one-liners in tonight's first episode


Hold on to your aprons but MasterChef has ditched Gregg Wallace’s “cooking doesn’t get tougher than this” line from its opening montage. I know, it’s like Gregg declaring he doesn’t like puddings. 


But fear not, there are some good replacement lines. 

Instead, Mr John Torode heralds the show’s return with a passionate “great cooks, great food, great endeavour”. Wallace meanwhile hits us with an easy-to-get-on-board-with “I’ve lost some weight, I’m ready to get fat again.” 

The first episode also brings us Julie, a contestant who comes with her own set of weird and wonderful lines sure to endear her to viewers.

Speaking of her desire to go far in the competition she insists she’s going to “take the bullet and bite it”. And – in an attempt to move on from shovelling piles of food onto her plate – she proudly declares “more is less!” to a befuddled Wallace, who has to correct her. 

Catchphrase or no catchphrase, we’re ready to head back into the MasterChef kitchen. 


MasterChef starts tonight at 8:00pm on BBC1