James May ribs Clarkson and Hammond and talks about that exit from Top Gear in Reddit AMA

Captain Slow proved surprisingly quick when it comes to embracing new social media platforms


Motoring enthusiast James May is the latest in a long line of celebrities to take to Reddit to answer questions from fans.


There was a lot of chat about cars – obviously – a lot of ribbing of his fellow presenters, and some typically British answers from everyone’s favourite ‘Captain Slow’.

It started rather pleasantly as it goes, with a Reddit user offering Mr May a coffee. He works across the road apparently. May was keen. Here’s hoping Reddit user Jebbleypai followed through. 

Chat naturally moved onto his former Top Gear – now Amazon – pals Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. 

Asked if the trio had more freedom now they were free of the BBC, May confirmed: “We were always pretty free to do what we liked, to be honest.”

If he had to spend the rest of his life living either of his motoring co-hosts, it was Mr Hammond that got May’s vote: “Hammond. He takes up less space, so the house would seem bigger.” 

May was of course asked a Clarkson and Hammond-based ‘would you rather’ question: “Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Jeremy Clarksons or 1 horse sized Richard Hammond?”

His choice: “The Clarksons.”

Probably wise. 

Although when asked what he thinks of the two denim-loving blokes outside of the show he joked: “Don’t know. Never met them.”

In other Top Gear news, May does sort of regret that “Oh, cock” catchphrase.

“I think it’s the only thing, if any, that will be remembered about me. I should have thought of something better.”

May also set some (internet) tongues wagging when he suggested next time he’s fired, he’ll relaunch his YouTube channel ‘Unemployment Tube’ (the one where he cooked meals very, very slowly). 

“Next time I’m fired, yes,” he said. Why has this raised a few eyebrows? Well, we all thought he chose to leave the BBC show in light of the decision not to renew Clarkson’s contract. Not that he was fired. Hmmm.

As for that new car show, which will be available to stream via Amazon Prime Instant Video, May confirmed it’ll be coming in the autumn.

“The Autumn, or fall if you’re in the US. That’s as specific as I can be.”

But, if he had all of the money in the world to make a TV show, he would take his new show – The Reassembler – to a brand new destination.

“The Reassembler International Space Station edition.” 

Good luck with that one. 

As for what the best thing about his new show is – which sees him literally put objects back together – May kept things modest: “The really great thing about the new show is that I’m in it.”

Oddly for a car show presenter, May doesn’t think our future will always be on four wheels. “Long-term, I think cars will become a hobby, and we’ll find some other way of getting around,” he said when asked about cars of the future.

Then, talk turned to the important business of food and when asked what his favourite sandwich is. May gave the most British of British answers:


“Fish fingers. White council bread, frozen Birds Eye fingers or similar fried in a pan, bit of salad cream or tommy sauce.”