Red 2, Accident, Homefront, Grabbers, Catch Me Daddy: films on TV today

Oldies with guns, midlife angst and teens on the run: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


Red 2
9.00-11.15pm Film4 


While films that chase “the grey pound” (I know, it’s a reductive term) are usually set in community centres or exotic Indian hotels, the Red series moves noisily around the traditional haunts of the international espionage thriller: warehouses, maximum security prisons, embassies. Following the original, comic-book-adapted Red – which stands for Retired and Extremely Dangerous – this heavier-handed oldies-with-guns sequel reunites ex-CIA agent Bruce Willis, black-ops man John Malkovich and MI6-contractee Helen Mirren, and this time throws in a gleeful Anthony Hopkins as an incarcerated nuclear scientist. Fortysomething Catherine Zeta-Jones lowers the average age as a poised Russian agent (and ex-flame of Willis’s, much to current squeeze Mary-Louise Parker’s chagrin), but the general level of smirkiness and vehicle-flipping pyrotechnics still works, assuming your needs are not complex. Director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) keeps the old bones moving, and a pistol-packing Mirren steals the whole shebang (“You’ve heard of me now”).

5.45-7.50pm Talking Pictures TV (Freeview HD)

Dirk Bogarde and Stanley Baker are Oxford dons who become irrational in middle age. Harold Pinter wrote the witty script.

9.00-11.10pm 5STAR 

Jason Statham is in action man mode with James Franco the target as a sleazy drug dealer.  Get your kicks — and indeed, punches.   

9.00-10.55pm Horror Channel 

Boozing can save your life, at least in this kooky Irish alien invasion flick starring Richard Coyle and Russell Tovey. 

Catch Me Daddy
Premiere 11.15pm-1.25am Film4 

In this tense thriller, an Asian runaway faces the darkest night of her life on the Yorkshire moors, as her father imposes his own ideas of honour on the search.     


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