The 10 biggest tweets in 10 years of Twitter

Turns out people REALLY like One Direction


Today Twitter turns ten years old. Ten years of strangers broadcasting their thoughts into your house and following you without getting arrested. Ten years of subtweets and Twitter feuds and hashtag games. And above all, ten years of One Direction fans going out of their minds whenever their heroes tweet literally anything.


So in honour of this auspicious day we’ve collected together the most popular tweets of all time (with a little help from Social Media analysts Favstar), based on number of favourites per tweet. Some tweets are funny, some political and some deeply sad or moving – but yes, most of them are just things members of One Direction said.

10. Justin time

Another milestone for the One Direction lads, with Louis Tomlinson the father of the first 1D baby! We bet Simon Cowell’s already got plans for a toddler spin-off band as we speak.

2. Birthday beats

Simple happy birthday to me, or mischievous reference to ex Taylor Swift? Harry Styles loves to keep his fans guessing, eh?

1. Oscars selfie

Could it be anything else? Yep, while the most recent ceremony might have had headline-grabbing racism monologues and surprise winners, it couldn’t touch 2014’s big night in terms of Twitter power, exemplified by this now-iconic selfie of several big Hollywood stars including Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence.


Happy birthday to you, Twitter – the official home of One Direction and/or discourse around popular culture for a decade.