Next week on Emmerdale: does David have cancer? Belle and Dr Bailey get close, plus Cain tries to oust Holly

28 March-1 April 2016: Plus Ashley makes a big decision about his future


Your guide to all next week’s drama in Emmerdale…


1. David has cancer fears

After noticing that Eric is unwell, David starts to worry that his dad has prostate cancer. But after accompanying his father to the doctor’s, David ends up getting worrying health news of his own. By Wednesday, Leyla catches David trying to take a photo down his trousers and he admits that the doctor has found a lump. Leyla is floored when David tells her that there’s a concern it could be cancer.


2. Ashley makes a big decision

Laurel is worried that Ashley has lost his faith, and by Wednesday, Harriet is toying with the idea of taking over from him as vicar. But is Ashley really ready to stand back from the vocation that means so much to him?


3. Cain forces Holly out

Holly reveals that, prior to her return to the village, she was taking drugs and now has to pay off her dealer. Enter Cain with a plan to set up the disreputable Dean! Cain and Holly meet with Dean on a secluded road and Cain offers him a deal – if he stays away from Holly. But, later in the day, Cain reveals his main objective to Holly: he wants her to leave and never come back.


4. Illicit love for Belle and Dr Bailey?

Belle cuts her hand on some broken glass and, as Dr Bailey attends to her, she inflates her role in the business and skirts around the truth when it comes to her age. Dr Bailey is clearly impressed, but is he treading in dangerous waters?


5. Has Andy blown it with Chrissie?

Victoria tries to play matchmaker with Tracy and Andy during a birthday party in the pub. But a drinking game results in Tracy jumping into Andy’s arms – just as Chrissie walks in. Andy thinks his messed up his relationship with Chrissie, but luckily the pair do end making things up by Friday. But will they be able to keep things a secret from a suspicious Bernice?


6. Gordon manipulates Liv

Aaron decides that Liv is going to stay with him, but the troubled teen is conflicted when she gets a text from Gordon. They meet up and Gordon manages to get some information from her – and Liv agrees to find further proof. Later, Robert is unnerved by Liv’s questions and reveals his worries to Aaron. But little do they realise that Liv is secretly listening in and recording their conversation: will Robert let slip about how he tried to bribe Ryan?


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