Home and Away: Billie is put on trial for starting the fire, while Detective Dylan grills Irene over Charlotte’s murder

28 March-1 April 2016: Plus Ash and Phoebe decide to give their relationship another chance


Monday 28 March


At Charlotte’s service, a brave Hunter says goodbye to his mother. Andy reveals that he knows Hunter started the fire and proposes that they frame Charlotte. Ash is thrown when Phoebe tells him that she still loves him. Will Hunter let Billie go down for a crime she did not commit? 

Tuesday 29 March

Zac and Leah struggle to understand Hunter’s motives after he confesses to starting the fire, and they begin to wonder if he also killed Charlotte. Kat and Dylan obtain DNA evidence linking Irene to Charlotte’s murder scene and bring her in for questioning. Phoebe and Ash give in to their feelings and kiss each other, but she explains that they are going to have to take things slowly. 

Wednesday 30 March

After interrogating Irene, Dylan reluctantly lets her go but tells her not to leave town. Ash challenges Dylan and tells him to stay away from Kat after finding out about their past. Chris punches Andy after finding out that Evie kissed him, and tells Hannah that she only cares about herself. 

Thursday 31 March

Roo rents Charlotte’s old apartment and asks Matt and Maddy to move in with her. Oscar offers to accompany Skye to visit her mum. Hannah goes to see Chris to apologise but he tells her that he wishes he had never met her. Ricky returns home to find Josh has unwittingly neglected Casey. 


Friday 1 April

Casey is rushed into hospital and is diagnosed with viral meningitis. Ricky asks Nate to marry her and he accepts, but when she gets home a surprise visitor changes everything. Despite their reservations, Maddy and Matt agree to move in with Roo. Skye and Oscar take a trip to the psychiatric ward to visit Carol.