Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is going All the Way as President Lyndon B Johnson in new trailer

The actor won a Tony Award for his turn as the president on Broadway and now he's taking on the role again for the TV adaptation


Bryan Cranston’s award-winning turn as former president Lyndon B. Johnson is moving from stage to screen. 


The breaking Bad actor won a Tony Award for Best Actor in June 2014 for his role in the Broadway stage show, and now HBO have revealed the first trailer for the television version of All The Way.

The biopic charts Johnson’s first year in office in 1963, starting with John F. Kennedy’s assassination and following on with his struggle for the Civil Rights Act. 

“This isn’t running for office, this is running for your life,” Johnson says as the realities of being what he dubs being the “accidental president” set in. 


Anthony Mackie co-stars as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with Melissa Leo playing Lady Bird Johnson and Bradley Whitford as Hubert Humphrey.