Ta-dah! It’s Daniel Radcliffe in new trailer for Now You See Me 2

The Harry Potter star is playing magic tricks and laying traps in the full length trailer for this summer's sci-fi sequel


Daniel Radcliffe is back in familiar territory in this full length trailer for Now You See Me 2. 


There aren’t any wands, cloaks or potions, but the former Harry Potter star is back mucking around with magic. 

He plays tech prodigy Walter Mabry, who threatens the Four Horseman into pulling off their toughest heist yet: stealing the key to every computer system on the planet.

Their task involves doves, white rabbits and mind-bending stunts. But there’s sure to be more than meets the eye in this teaser. 

“There’s always more than what’s on the surface,” Morgan Freeman reminds us…


Now You See Me 2 will be in UK cinemas 4th July