These Harry Potter fans filmed a trailer for Voldemort’s origin story

The creators have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to produce a full film


Fans of Harry Potter have been begging JK Rowling for years now for a prequel film or series to the boy wizard’s adventures. Some want a Marauders movie, some want a Dumbledore backstory. But the majority of fans have called on the author to tell the origins tales of the evil Lord Voldemort.


These fans got tired of waiting. 


The small team at Fresh Scream productions, an independent film production company based out of Trentino, Italy, have released a trailer for a movie they hope to make entitled Voldemort: Origins of the Heir and have since launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of the film. 

“Because of the limited budget, we have only made the trailer shooting by our own actual means,” they said on their Kickstarter webpage. “There’s so many man-hours that went into creating this. We began shooting in August 2015 and giving up at this point, it is just not an option.”

The film will focus on two different timelines; the first follows Tom Riddle, a young student at Hogwarts, learning about the dark arts and growing into his power. The second timeline is ten years after Tom Riddle’s graduation, where he emerges as the Dark Lord Voldemort, intent on achieving immortality by any means necessary. When two of Tom Riddle’s old friends see the threat he poses, they vow to stop his rise to power. 


The creators at Fresh Scream have set their fundraising goal at €15,000, €572 of which they have already raised via their Kickstarter campaign. Online patrons receive varying gifts, depending on how much they choose to donate to the project. 


We can only hope that you feel as excited about this project as we do and join us to create the most awesome Voldemort spin-off this world has ever seen,” said Fresh Scream.