Mark Hamill’s being a merciless tease about Rey’s identity in Star Wars

Use the fan theory force, Luke


For some Star Wars fans the debate about Rey’s identity is getting really old but Mark Hamill’s going to milk it for all its worth.


The actor is having a LOT of fun on Twitter of late, and decided to drop a big fat teaser for fans to ponder over.

Hamill was praising co-star Ridley for her refusal to allow bodyshaming critics to make her feel bad about herself.

But is his tweet a massive clue about how Luke Skywalker might be related to Rey ? Or merely the work of a man with far too much time on his hands? (Last time we checked he’d still not had any lines in the film, remember?

Guess we’ll have to wait until Episode VIII – or even IX – to find out.


In the mean time, here’s John Boyega having an adorable lightsaber battle with a kid in hospital.