Julia Roberts is basically doing another Erin Brockovich

Train Man will see Roberts turn lawyer again to defend repeat offender and New York folk hero Darius McCollum


Julia Roberts is set to turn all Erin Brockovich on us again as its revealed she’s been cast as a lawyer in new flick Train Man. 


Roberts will play the latest in a long line of lawyers tasked with defending Darius McCollum, a real-life New York folk hero who’s been arrested numerous times in relation to public transport crimes, reports Variety

It’s understood the film would chart McCollum’s multiple crimes – which include impersonating public transport authorities and illegally driving vehicles – via flashbacks. 

McCollum’s story has played out in both newspaper and documentary coverage. His fascination with the New York transport system is said to have started at a young age, with his first arrest aged just 15 when he reportedly drove an in-service New York City Subway train for six stops. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome by a prison psychiatrist. 


Roberts is currently starring in Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day.