Emmerdale: first details of big June stunt revealed!

Rakesh, Priya, Nicola and Lawrence will be at the centre of the "high-stakes" drama


Last year’s summer episodes of Emmerdale saw the ITV soap at its best thanks to a helicopter crash (see image above) that put paid to Pete and Debbie’s already fractious wedding day.


So it’s no surprise that tensions will once again rise along with the temperatures, with June earmarked for a grand spectacle of the type that Emmerdale does so well.

“There’s going to be a big, set-piece stunt sequence that will involve Priya, Rakesh, Lawrence and Nicola,” says new producer Iain MacLeod. “That will be on screen towards the end of June. It will brilliant, spectacular and with high stakes.”

Are Priya and Rakesh headed for disaster?

The 2015 disaster ended up claiming the lives of both Ruby Haswell and Val Pollard, so viewers will inevitably start to wonder if any other resident of the UK’s most dangerous village will end up meeting their maker. MacLeod has already hinted that an inhabitant of Home Farm could be heading for the exit, so is Lawrence a prime candidate for the chop?

But don’t go expecting anything similar to helicopters falling from the sky. Adds MacLeod: “I feel the disaster movie paradigm in soap has been done so brilliantly that I don’t know how you’d top that now really.

“What can you do that is bigger and better than what has already been done? I think the viewers are savvy enough now to see it coming.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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