Next week on Coronation Street: Eva and Aidan reunite, Michael leaves, plus Sarah gives birth

And will Tracy finally reveal Carla's big infidelity secret?


Your guide to all of next week’s drama in Weatherfield…


1. Sarah goes into premature labour

Sarah’s baby is on the way – five weeks before its due date! Yes, Sarah will start having contractions while in Tracy’s florists and will end up having a C-section in hospital. Bad memories of her late son Billy come flooding back, but Sarah ends up giving birth to a baby boy, who she names Harry. But a further shock comes when Callum’s mum Marion pays an impromptu visit to the post-natal ward. Sarah’s panicky reaction perturbs David and Kylie, who worry that the big secret surrounding Callum’s death could come out.


2. Eva and Aidan reunite

Aidan frets that Underworld will suffer now that the O’Driscolls have been shopped to the police, while Eva overhears Sally and Beth sniping that her ‘do-gooding’ may end up costing them their jobs. But Eva isn’t letting the knicker factory go down without a fight and sets about drumming up some business with Hanlon. Aidan impressed and ends up giving Eva a passionate kiss. Looks like it’s true love among the lingerie!


3. Michael leaves town

Disillusioned with life now that Phelan has got together with Eileen, Michael decides to quit Weatherfield. When the bombshell breaks, Mary advises Gail to play it cool despite her harbouring hopes of a reconciliation. But with Michael under the impression that he’s been given the cold shoulder, he ends up setting off for Brighton with the intention of selling ice-creams for a living.


4. Tracy takes control at the Bistro

Nick seals the deal – making Robert sole owner of the Bistro. Enter Tracy lording it over the staff and telling Carla that there’s now nothing to stop her from telling Nick about her fling with Robert. By Friday, Tracy will be seen putting in a call to Nick, only for Carla to smash the phone before her adversary can say anything. But surely it’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed?


5. Cash-strapped Tyrone gets a job at the cab office

It’s Tim to the rescue when he gets wind of Tyrone’s financial difficulties. After being offered employment at Streetcars, Tyrone is soon handed an airport run, only to be stopped in his tracks by Eileen, who tells Ty that he needs a special licence costing £300 before he can work for them.


6. Anna is the subject of gossip

Anna is outraged when Todd voices distaste about her affair with Phelan and throws him out of the café for spreading lies. And when she catches Mary, Sean and Andy gossiping about her, Anna is mortified at not being able to set the record straight. Kevin tries to comfort Anna, but it seems that everywhere they go, they are unable to escape Phelan’s lies.


7. Dev and Erica ramp up their relationship?

Dev plucks up the courage to ask Erica to be his ‘plus one’ at an upcoming wedding. But after Erica accepts, she voices the idea of them being more than just “friends with benefits”. Will Dev agree?


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