Home and Away: Kat and Dylan probe Charlotte’s murder – and interview Ash as a suspect!

21-25 March 2016: Plus Ricky is stunned when she finds out that Brax is still alive


Monday 21 March


Kat breaks the news that Charlotte’s body has been found. Ricky is dumbstruck after finding out that Brax is still alive and deliberates over whether to tell Nate. Detective Dylan Carter arrives to head up the investigation into Charlotte’s murder, and it is clear from the off that he and Kat have a history. 

Tuesday 22 March

Nate breaks off his engagement with Ricky when he finds out that Brax is still alive. Ash is taken in for questioning over Charlotte’s murder. Meanwhile, Dylan attempts to use the investigation as a way to get closer to Kat. Josh is stunned when he finds out that Evie and Andy kissed. 

Wednesday 23 March

Josh makes the decision to leave Summer Bay for good. Hunter returns and finds out that his mother has been murdered. Dylan tries to ask Kat to go for dinner but she shuts him down, recalling how he used to hit her. Hannah is given the cold shoulder by Chris, who is still hurting. 

Thursday 24 March

When Matt invites Maddy to move into his caravan she accepts, but Roo worries that their relationship is moving too quickly. Hunter finally grieves for Charlotte, but who is the mysterious Lindsay who keeps calling him? Skye encourages Oscar to let go of his anger over losing Maddy and finally move on with his life. 


Friday 25 March

Carol pushes Skye into a wall during a heated argument, forcing Oscar to intervene and call the police. Maddy finds it difficult adjusting to life in a caravan and tells Matt that she wants them to find a proper place together. With her trial the next day, Billie contemplates running away, but Ash tries desperately to get her to stay and face her charges.