Claudette is alive! EastEnders airs shock Mother’s Day twist

And Vincent and Patrick are still under the impression that she's dead


EastEnders pulled off a double Mother’s Day twist in tonight’s cliffhanger episodes – first, by seemingly killing off Claudette Hubbard, then by miraculously resurrecting her in the closing seconds!


Vincent and Patrick (and the viewers) spent this evening’s two episodes believing that Claudette had died in a fall at No 1 Albert Square and that her body had been concreted over as part of the basement conversion at the house.

But with Vincent not having witnessed the concrete being laid, he’d actually been labouring under the false impression that his mum was dead and buried.

Patrick and Vincent had opted to cover up Claudette’s ‘death’ for fear of being charged with murder – Vincent having bruised his mum’s throat after trying to strangle her following the revelation that she’d killed his dad Henry back in 1981 (we hope you’re keeping up with this!)

An altercation led to Claudette taking a dive down the cellar steps, all of which resulted in Vincent trying to cover up what had happened by smashing his mum’s mobile (well, it was a rubbish phone), burning her passport, telling relatives she was in Saint Kitts and leaving her corpse to be concreted by workmen.

But just when EastEnders fans feared that they had another soap opera body-under-the-patio storyline to deal with, they were hit with the revelation that Claudette was still in the land of the living. A last-minute hospital scene saw paramedics wheel Claudette into A&E after finding her at the side of the road with memory loss!

EastEnders bosses are remaining tight-lipped as to how Claudette survived the fall, although with Gavin Sullivan having already walked away from that very same basement earlier this week after also appearing to be dead, you’d be justified in thinking that it had magical healing properties.

Speaking about what lies ahead, an EastEnders insider said to tonight: “The drama certainly doesn’t stop here. Vincent and Patrick are covering up a crime that they haven’t even committed, but how long will it be before they realise that Claudette is actually alive?

“And would Claudette be in a forgiving mood should she recover her memories?”

EastEnders continues on Monday 14 March at 8pm on BBC1.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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