Peter Capaldi has his own secret Doctor Who fan theories

He’s just like you!


Following the revelation a few months ago that Steven Moffat wrote one of his own fan theories from a 90s Doctor Who message board into an episode, it now turns out that the Doctor himself has some ideas about the Time Lord’s past and secrets – although Peter Capaldi’s keeping HIS theories under wraps.


“I have my own views on Doctor Who and who the Doctor is and how he came to be, and what he is,” Capaldi told when asked about a recent fan theory, “and they don’t fit in with any of these fan theories.

“But that’s how it should be – everyone should have their own take on it. Everybody’s theory is valid.”

And for any fan theory maestros hoping to write their ideas into Doctor Who some day, Capaldi had a few words of encouragement. 

“Were the author of these theories the showrunner, then they would plant them in the show and I’m sure it could work.” 

In fact, you could say it’s worked already


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