Jacob Tremblay went to work with his policeman dad and it was adorable

The 9-year-old actor spent the day eating doughnuts and riding in his father's police car


At the tender age of 9 years old, Jacob Tremblay has done more than most of us ever will in our lives. He’s starred in a critically-acclaimed film, he’s won a Critic’s Choice Award, and he’s even met Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, he can add being a policeman to his already impressive CV.


Tremblay accompanied his father, a cop in Vancouver, to work on Tuesday.”I always bring my Dad to my work, but today I went to his!!!,” he said in an Instagram post. 

The actor pulled out all the stops to go to work with his dad. He wore the perfect outfit; a VPD hat, a black leather jacket and a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses. The young actor was also treated to what he referred to as the #bestdoughnutsever. 

Tremblay’s dad has been put in the spotlight before. When he started attending red carpet events with his son, the internet took a liking to his good looks, affectionately referring to him as “Hot Dad.”


But let’s hope young Jacob doesn’t get too attached to life as a cop – we’re rather looking forward to his long and distinguished acting career.