Next week on Coronation Street: Sarah’s pregnancy scare, Phelan snares Eileen, while Eva is in danger

Plus Anna finally tells Kevin the truth - and a grieving Freddie gives Kylie a shock


Your guide to all of next week’s drama on Corrie…


1. Has Sarah lost her baby?

Sarah admits to Kylie that she hasn’t felt her baby move all day and is scared that she’s lost him. Kylie insists that they head straight to the hospital, where the midwife is soon examining Sarah. But will they be able to locate the baby’s heartbeat?

2. Eva and Billy race to free Marta

With Marta enslaved a the O’Driscolls’, Eva and Billy face a race against time to free her. And when Richie catches them in the act, the situation gets very heated indeed. Eva is pinned to the wall, while Billy threatens to call the police and have the O’Driscolls arrested on kidnap charges. But in the end it’s Aidan who comes to the rescue when he turns up and punches Richie. But with his business under threat, can Aidan’s silence be bought?

3. Eileen gets that loving Phelan

Eileen falls for Phelan’s lies when he makes out that Anna used to fancy him and that they had a one-night stand, which he immediately regretted. Despite Anna summoning up the courage to tell Eileen the truth about Phelan and how he forced her to have sex with him, she refuses to believe what she’s being told. And by Wednesday, Eileen and Phelan are sharing a passionate kiss…

4. Anna tells Kevin the truth

With Kevin labouring under the false impression that Anna had an affair with Phelan, she decides to finally tell her partner the truth. As Anna reveals all about her ordeal, Kevin is left horrified. But thankfully, Kev will show his understanding side as he tenderly suggests to Anna that they start their relationship afresh. Will Anna agree?

5. Freddie shocks Kylie

Grieving Freddie gives Kylie cause for concern when she calls round to his house to find him slumped over a bottle of whiskey and a stash of pills. In a panic, Kylie checks for a pulse and when Freddie finally stirs, he explains that he had some friends over to give his late wife Sadie a proper send off. And yet despite her relief that Freddie is OK, Kylie cannot help but worry about him.

6. Zeedan and Rana’s relationship takes a fresh twist

Zeedan and Rana are enjoying dinner at the Bistro when her ex-boyfriend Jaced parks himself at the table and warns Zeedan that he’s a mug if he’s considering a relationship with her. Rana tries to explain that Javed is still hurting after being dumped, but will Zeedan be convinced?

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