Meet the cast of The Aliens

Michael Socha, Michaela Coel and Ashley Walters star in E4's new sci-fi comedy


In the world of E4’s new drama The Aliens, it’s been 40 years since aliens crash-landed in the UK. But there are no green monsters walking around Planet Earth.


Instead, the creatures inside the UFO look just like humans – but they’ve got alien blood. Ghettoised and given only the most menial jobs, aliens live in lawless Troy with no police or schools at all.

But when border guard Lewis, who has disdain for the alien species, discovers he is actually half alien himself, his life spirals out of control.

Here’s your guide to the key cast and characters in E4’s new series from In The Flesh writer Fintan Ryan…

Lewis – Michael Socha 


Lewis is an outsider who, when he discovers he is half alien, has his world thrown upside down. He’s often mean to Dominic, the alien cleaner who becomes his friend, but is fundamentally well-meaning and decent. He is funny without meaning to be, and very articulate.

Where you’ve seen him before: As Harvey in the This is England film and TV spinoffs, and Tom in Being Human. 

Lilyhot – Michaela Coel


Alien Lilyhot is smart, calculating and tough as nails, she knows just how to get exactly what she wants and survive the hardships of Troy. 

Where you’ve seen her before: As Tracey in comedy Chewing Gum, which she also created.

Dominic – Jim Howick


An alien cleaner at the checkpoint, Dominic is childlike, enthusiastic and inadvertently funny. He is constantly looking to better himself and as such often lets his guard down and allows himself to be hurt. He’s fiercely loyal to Lewis, who he sees as his best friend.

Where you’ve seen him before: Chris in The Wrong Mans, various characters in Yonderland, Jerry in Babylon, Gerrard in Peep Show.

Christophe – Ashley Walters


Christophe, one of the alien gang leaders, is a tough-talking guy who forces Lewis into some scary situations…

Where you’ve seen him before: Dushane in Top Boy, Billy Bond in Hustle, Ryan Draper in Cuffs.

Holly – Holli Dempsey


Lewis’s sister Holly has always felt jealous of him for being their father’s favourite. Holly is a small-time fur dealer, tough on the outside, but underneath she’s pretty vulnerable. And she gets herself into some seriously tricky situations…

Where you’ve seen her before: Vicky in Derek, Maureen in Breathless, Jolene in You, Me and the Apocalypse.


The Aliens begins Tuesday 8th March at 9pm on E4