Who would win in a debate: Frank Underwood or Donald Trump?

House of Cards star Kevin Spacey answers the important political question


From racism to knob jokes, the American presidential campaign has been beyond parody, and even threatens to overshadow the gothic machinations of House of Cards’ Frank Underwood.


“This has happened every season that we’ve shot House of Cards,” Kevin Spacey told NBC’s Meet the Press, “Just before the series gets dropped, something that’s very close to what we’ve decided to develop happens. I know people think we’ve ripped it from the headlines, but it’s actually the other way around.”

“There are times when we’ll shoot some sequence and I’ll think, ‘Gosh, did we push it too far, did we cross the Rubicon?’, but then I switch on the news and think, ‘No, we probably didn’t go far enough’.”

Spacey was keen to emphasise that he has great respect for public service and people who try to make the country better. That said, he is clearly enjoying the current free-for-all.

“There’s the right amount of wrong going on that it’s a very interesting campaign,” he said, in what could almost be one of Underwood’s asides to camera. 

So who would win in a debate: Frank Underwood or Donald Trump?

“I thought about this for quite some time and then I said, as long as we understand that there is a distinction…” Spacey explained carefully, “that one of these figures is a fictional character… and the other is a fictional character.”


Funny, but you’ll notice Spacey avoided actually answering the question. Perhaps he has played a politician too long.