Quantum of Solace, Forget Me Not, Admission, ’71, Don’t Look Now

Bond is Bourne again, Tobias makes a connection, school's out for Tina, Jack O'Connell is between a rock and a hard place, and things get spooky for Donald and Julie


Quantum of Solace ★★★
9.00-11.10pm ITV2


This is a film with an identity crisis. It’s a Bond movie, of course, with Daniel Craig as 007. But judging from the screenplay and Marc Forster’s direction, it seems to have a secret yearning to belong to a different franchise, the Bourne trilogy – which is to say that it’s largely a matter of violent, nonstop action with precious little time for dialogue, humour or character development. Fine, if that’s the kind of thing you like, but it has nothing to do with James Bond. He’s not action man; he is, or should be, too smart and sophisticated for that, but here he does a lot and says little. Mathieu Almaric is the villain, trying to corner the water supply in Bolivia, God knows why, and Olga Kurylenko provides the Bond-girl eye candy. Craig is good, the best Bond since Connery, and the action is fast and furious. But the series works best when it sticks to the tried and tested formula.

Forget Me Not ★★★
11.45pm-1.20am BBC1

Musician Tobias Menzies and barmaid Genevieve O’Reilly make a connection in this reflective romantic drama. After a night together, secrets are revealed.

Admission ★★
PREMIERE 6.55-9.00pm Film4

An admissions officer at a top university has some shocking suspicions about a new student in this comedy, that’s on terrestrial TV for the first time. Sadly, despite starring Tina Fey as the lady in a tizz, it rather loses its way after a while.

’71 ★★★★
9.00-11.05pm Film4

Rising star Jack O’Connell gives another blistering turn as a British soldier caught up in a Belfast riot during the Troubles.

Don’t Look Now ★★★★★
9.00-11.10pm Horror Channel

Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie star in Nicolas Roeg’s extraordinary supernatural thriller. Shot in the foggy backstreets of Venice, it has atmosphere in abundance.


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