Google’s top 10 questions about David Tennant answered

Is David Tennant returning to Doctor Who? Is he left handed? And is he dead? We answer the Internet's most pressing questions


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Yes, David Tennant has been married since 2011. Tennant appeared with his future wife Georgia Moffet in the 2008 Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Daughter. She played the Doctor’s daughter in the show and (in a neat piece of casting) is the real-life daughter of Peter Moffet, also known as Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor.

Which means the Doctor married his own daughter.

It’s best if you don’t think about it too hard.

No, David Tennant is not dead. He is alive and well and 44 years old.

We suppose it’s possible somewhere in the distant past – both have family hailing from Ireland and the West Coast of Scotland. However, in terms of immediate or even extended family: no, they’re not.

That said, Connolly did play Tennant’s father in the 2014 film What We Did on Holiday, but we can’t see the resemblance ourselves.

No. As previously mentioned, Tennant (or David McDonald, to use his birth name) has some Irish ancestors, but he was born in Bathgate, West Lothian to Helen McLeod and Dr Alexander McDonald, a former moderator of the Church of Scotland.

He studied in Renfrewshire and Glasgow, and made an early appearance in Glaswegian comedy Rab C Nesbitt. You don’t get more Scottish than that.

No, he signs his name with his right hand.



No. As previously mentioned, ‘David Tennant’ is the name he changed to for his career – his birth name is David McDonald. Thus he is unlikely to be related to the star of Flowers in the Attic, who has English and Russian parentage.




No. Although the model was born in Scotland, she is not a relative of Tennant for the same reasons listed above for Victoria Tennant.