Coronation Street: Eva in danger as she tries to free Marta – will Aidan come to her rescue?

The O'Driscolls' wicked ways are finally exposed in scenes to be shown next week


Billy and Eva are to take the law into their own hands next week when they try to rescue an enslaved Marta from the clutches of the O’Driscolls.


Aidan will be seen imploring Eva and Billy to wait until the O’Driscolls have paid their Underworld invoice before going in all guns blazing.

But as they stake the property out, a determined Eva and Billy decide to break in just as soon as the family heads out to the factory.

All seems to be going well as Richie decides to increase his existing order, but after reassuring Aidan that all the money has been transferred to the Underworld account, Richie drops the bombshell that he’s heading straight home rather than going to an exhibition that he was due to attend. 

Meanwhile, back at the house, Eva and Billy have found a cowering Marta in the locked bedroom and plead with her to come to safety. But when the O’Driscolls arrive home, they try to put a stop to the escape attempt, just as Billy threatens to call the police and have them arrested on kidnap charges.

But when Richie then grabs the phone and pins Eva up against a wall, he’s interrupted by Aidan who arrives suddenly and punches him in the face.

Desperate to save his own skin, Richie suggests they leave the police out of it and offers to pay for Marta’s return to Poland. With his business under threat, will Aidan be bought?


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