Independence Day, Revolution, The Skeleton Key: films on TV today

An alien invasion, a country up in arms, and a house of secrets: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


Independence Day ★★★★
6.15-9.00pm Film4


We’ve all been here before and will be again because, 20 years later, there’s a sequel on the way. Nasty aliens have sent a whacking big spaceship to destroy the Earth or more specifically, of course, America. Cue special effects of the White House and the Empire State Building being blown to bits. What can mere humans do to prevent disaster? Well, a multi-ethnic bunch of them, including Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell and Bill Pullman, flee to the Nevada Desert to plan a counter attack on 4 July – Independence Day, geddit? It’s a sort of retread of those alien invasion movies of the 1950s but good enough fun if you just let it wash over you with your brain in neutral. 

Brothers in Law ★★★★
1.40-3.35pm Talking Pictures TV 

Ian Carmichael, Richard Attenborough and Terry-Thomas made some wonderful comedies together under the direction of the Boulting brothers. If you enjoyed Private’s Progress and I’m All Right Jack, you’re on safe ground here. 

Revolution ★★★
6.35-9.00pm Movie Mix 

Panned by critics at the time, this ambitious epic about the American War of Independence from the director of Chariots of Fire is still well worth a look.  

The Skeleton Key ★★★
10.55pm-1.05am Movie Mix 

We all know that bad things happen if you poke around creepy old houses. Everyone except Kate Hudson, it seems, who encounters some seriously bad juju way down south.

He’s Just Not That into You ★★★
12.30-3.10am Film4 

It’s the cast that counts in this comedy that charts the amorous ups and down of Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck et al.    


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