EastEnders: baby Ollie Carter is rushed to hospital after being found unconscious

Linda will find her son not breathing in an upcoming episode of the BBC1 soap


The Carter clan is to be thrown into panic when baby Ollie stops breathing and is rushed to hospital.


In the aftermath of an argument between Lee and Nancy that sees Ollie accidentally knocked from his highchair, the Carters will be left terrified when Linda finds her son not moving in his cot.

Scenes to be broadcast on Tuesday 15 March see Linda manage to revive her son before he’s taken to A&E, but despite Ollie being in safe hands, the family will be left extremely anxious as they wait for news as to what’s wrong.


Speaking about the fraught nature of the upcoming drama, Danny Dyer – who plays Ollie’s dad Mick – recently commented to the Mirror: “The family are really tested strongly. Mick and Linda are tested parenting-wise. Something happens with Ollie and we have to deal with it as parents.

“We can’t quite agree on it and it starts to obviously affect our relationship.”

You can watch a 60-second of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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