Bear Grylls has food shoved in his face in latest Ant and Dec prank

Well, at least it's not urine...


Bear Grylls gets food repeatedly shoved in his face in the latest of Ant and Dec’s ‘Undercover’ pranks. 


The Saturday Night Takeaway hosts hijack what Grylls thinks is simply a meal with his wife in a completely blacked-out restaurant. It’s the trendy way to eat out, apparently. Good if you don’t want to see your meal, drink, or the person you’re with. 

Anyway, Dec has snuck into the restaurant and proceeds to shove a fork filled with food into the adventurer’s face. But when Bear grabs onto the presenters’ arm he’s none the wiser and thinks it’s his wife’s. Maybe Dec needs to work out a bit.

But, while Grylls is bound to be miffed by the wind-up, he’s probably lucky his own urine isn’t involved, what with his penchant for getting people to drink theirs…

Get a sneak peek here:


See the full Undercover skit on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Saturday at 7:00pm on ITV