Who is Alex Scott? Bear Grylls: Mission Survive 2016 profile

The England footballer is not feeling confident about life in the wild: "It’s natural to say the athletes will do well - yes I have the physical, but it’s the psychological – how am I going to survive?"


Name: Alex Scott


Age: 31

Famous, why? Footballer, plays right-back for Arsenal in the FA Women’s Super League and the England women’s national football team. 

Bio: Scott has more than 100 caps for England and represented Team GB at the Olympics 2012. She signed with Arsenal at the age of 8, where she has spent most of her professional career. She’s had spells at Birmingham City and US team Chicago Red Stars. 

Why did she join Mission Survive? “I wasn’t just doing this for myself, I was doing it for my sport as well. They said, ‘Alex you need to do it.’

“Me being an athlete, I found it hard. I sympathised with the others as I was struggling behind Meg [Meg Hine, Grylls’s aide] and I’m like, this is tiring for me and I’m meant to be the athlete? I was trying to put on a brave face.

“It’s natural to say the athletes will do well – yes I have the physical, but it’s the psychological – I’ve never been camping, I’ve never been in that situation. So just because I’m an athlete, how am I going to survive? It helped me up the hills but that is literally about it. I don’t know how to make tents… each person was thinking on their feet – it is about finding inner strength.”

What did her Mum think? “The first phone call I had when I got out, my mum said, ‘I was having a heart attack!’ She’d watched series one while I was out there.”

How the experience has helped back home: Scott joked she’ll finally be able to use her Chiminea wood burner: “It’s been in my garden for years, I’ve never used it because I couldn’t do it. Now I’ll be able to light it, no matches, get my flint out…”


Bear Grylls: Mission Survive starts Thursday 3rd March at 9pm on ITV