Chelsee Healey “kicking herself” as she’s first out of Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

“I struggled with the easiest part – walking!” the actress admits, as Grylls said her spirit was lagging too early in the journey to continue


After a whirlwind of camping, worm-chomping, drinking – and then vomiting up – her own urine, Chelsee Healey is the first to be voted out of Bear Grylls: Mission Survive.


“It was short for me!” Healey laughed when discussing her time on the adventure show, which this year is based around a 12-day trek in the South African bush. “I struggled with the easiest part – walking!” she confessed, having been openly vocal about her discomfort traversing the uneven ground.

“I just couldn’t handle them big hills!”

But the actress – best known for parts in Waterloo Road and Casualty – admits she’s disappointed now she looks back on it.

“I am kind of kicking myself now, as I know I could have done a bit better. But it is what it is. I enjoyed the time that I was there.”


Healey jokes she didn’t think about quitting because she “knew” she was going to be eliminated. And while the actress showed some real strength in tackling an eye-watering zip-line with fellow contestant Stuart Pearce, Bear Grylls said it was her lagging spirit that held her back.

“She had some skills, it was great to see. But ultimately if her spirit is lagging on day one and she’s saying ‘I can’t physically go on, I’m mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted already from no sleep…’ it’s like, well you’re going to die if you hang on. That’s not a physical thing, that’s about spirit. It’s a big part of what I’m looking for.

“I think by her own omission [it was a case of] ‘it’s been amazing, but I’m not sure how much I could have kept going’. If you’re saying that to yourself, well then, you’ve written your story.”

The remaining cast members – choreographer Jason Gardiner, actor Neil Morrissey, actress Michelle Collins, West End and film star Samantha Barks, former England captain Stuart Pearce and England footballer Alex Scott – must continue to impress Grylls with their survival instincts in order to stay in the competition. 


Bear Grylls: Mission Survive continues Thursdays on ITV