We finally meet Dory’s missing family in the first full trailer for Finding Dory

She'll just keep swimming until she finds her long lost parents


Finding Dory, the long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo, hits cinemas this summer and we’re even more excited about it now that the first full trailer has dropped.


The film sees Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory embaring on a mission to find the family she’s forgotten all about, and it’s a quest that’ll take her all the way to the aquarium.

Y’see, Dory’s forgotten more than one thing about her past – and it’s up to her new friends (some of whom turn out to be old friends) to help her remember.

Will Dory find the answers she’s so desperately seeking? Will she be able to remember them? And will she wave bye bye to Marlin and Nemo forever?


Just keep swimming – we’re sure the answers will come later this summer.