Police officer wore a real-life Iron Man suit to visit terminally ill boy

Cole St. Clair wanted to meet his favourite superhero


Like most kids, 7-year-old Cole St. Clair dreamed of meeting his favourite superhero. A friend of the family Jeannine Lee took it upon herself to try and get in touch with Robert Downey Jr on social media, on the off chance he could make a trip to Orlando, where Cole lived.


Time was pressing. Cole had a terminal brain tumour. It looked hopeless, but then a real life hero stepped in.

“I’m not Robert Downey Jr,” said Damon Cole (no relation) a police officer from Fort Worth, Texas, “but I have a legitimate Iron Man suit.”

Damon uses his suit to visit sick children, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports and the younger Cole was thrilled by the visit, despite heavy medication. He told the real-life hero about watching Iron Man 3 the night before. Officer Cole told the boy that he was his hero.


Cole St. Clair died the next day.