Oscars 2016: Mark Rylance wins best supporting actor

The Bridge of Spies star beat off competition from Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Mark Ruffalo and Sylvester Stallone during tonight's star-studded ceremony


Mark Rylance picked up his first Oscar tonight, winning best supporting actor for his role in cold war thriller Bridge of Spies. 


Rylance starred as Soviet spy Rudolf Abel alongside Tom Hanks, who played New York lawyer James Donovan. 

“I’ve always just adored stories so for me to have the chance to work with one of the greatest storytellers of our time, Steven Spielberg, has just been such an honour,” said Rylance, after picking up his coveted award, adding: “He leads with such love that he’s surrounded by masters in every craft.”

Rylance went on to say he didn’t know how The Academy selected him over his fellow nominees, or how the five nominees where selected from the wealth of brilliant supporting actors. “It’s a wonderful time to be an actor and I’m proud to be part of it,” he said. 


The 56-year-old British star beat off competition from The Big Short’s Christian Bale, The Revenant’s Tom Hardy, Spotlight’s Mark Ruffalo and Creed’s Sylvester Stallone.