Donald Trump is worse than Frank Underwood, say House of Cards stars

Has the real-life US election become even weirder than the Netflix series?


The build-up to the next US Presidential election has been full of twists and turns, from the rise of businessman and reality star Donald Trump to the bizarre tactics used by various candidates.


Now the stars of Netflix’s cut-throat political drama House of Cards have started to find the whole thing less plausible than their own machiavellian storylines.

“Even things like Donald Trump just suddenly deciding not to be part of the debate – that’s never happened in history,” new series regular Neve Campbell told

“It was a very odd choice for him to make, and I’m not sure it’s something you’d ever think to write because it wouldn’t be believable.”

“You know, I’ve been laughing about it for months, but I can’t laugh any more,” co-star Michael Kelly (who plays Chief of Staff and fixer Doug Stamper) added.

“He’s actually really, truly being considered by a large number of people in our country, and it’s now becoming scary,” he said. Watch the video above to hear their thoughts in full.

So, the big question – who’s a scarier prospect in the White House, Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood or Trump?

“I don’t know, that’s a good question – Donald Trump, probably,” Campbell suggested.

“Donald Trump,” Kelly said with more certainty.

We might have to wait and see to find out how right or wrong they are…


House of Cards’ fourth season will stream on Netflix from Friday 4th March