Oscars 2016 in numbers

How much do those Oscar statuettes actually weigh? What was the longest telecast? Here's the facts on the 88th Academy Awards


As Hollywood prepares for its biggest award night of the year, the Oscars, we’ve been digging around for the stats. If you’ve ever wondered how long that red carpet is, how much those Oscars statuettes actually weigh or exactly how many press are yelling at the stars to look this way and that, we’ve got the info down to the inch, minute and pound… 


1 hour 40 minutes… the shortest telecast ever, which was 1959’s 31st Academy Awards

4 hours 23 minutes… the longest telecast ever, which was 2002’s 74th Oscars

5.25 inches… diameter of Oscar statuette

8.5 pounds… weight of Oscar statuette

13.5 inches… height of Oscar statuette

19… the highest number of Academy Awards hosted by the same person: Bob Hope

33 feet… the width of the red carpet

51… the number of Oscar statuettes being given out at the 87th Oscars

60… the number of ushers/ ticket takers at the event

65 pounds… the weight of the most common set-dressing Oscar

225… the number of countries in which the 88th Oscars telecast will be seen

305… the number of features eligible for Best Picture this year

500 feet… the length of the red carpet

745… the number of red carpet bleacher seats

1,415… total number of press attending

3,001… total number of Oscar statuettes presented since the first Oscars

3,300… the seating capacity inside the Dolby Theatre on Oscar night


6, 261… the number of voting members