The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Wolverine, The Philadelphia Story: films on TV today

The making of an Islamist, the return of Hugh Jackman in the X-Men spin-off, and one of the great all-time rom-com classics: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today





The Reluctant Fundamentalist ★★★
10.40pm-12.40am BBC2 

Based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Mohsin Hamid, The Reluctant Fundamentalist became a film in the sure hands of Mississippi Masala and Monsoon Wedding director Mira Nair in 2012. In that time, the pertinence of the issues it raises – Muslim identity in a non-Muslim country, the insidious lure of jihad particularly to young, disenfranchised males – had only heightened. Riz Ahmed is quietly compelling as a Pakistani-born, Princeton-educated Wall Street valuation clerk whose life is turned upside down after 9/11 and he is wrongly targeted as a potential terrorist. Disenchanted, he moves back to Lahore and his formerly benign view of America is poisoned. The stakes get even higher from there. Kate Hudson and Liev Schreiber are convincing as his New York girlfriend and a US agent in Pakistan, and Om Puri typically wise as Ahmed’s father. Nair maps the changes in location and political outlook with skill, and there is much food for thought.

The Philadelphia Story ★★★★★

2.50-4.40pm BBC2 

Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn and James Stewart rip into the rat-a-tat dialogue in the sort of romantic comedy all romantic comedies want to be – warm, funny and whip smart.  

Finding Nemo ★★★★★

5.10-7.00pm C4 

Great Pixar animation for the whole family, in which a single-parent fish embarks on a perilous adventure in search of his lost son.     


The Wolverine ★★★

9.00-11.35pm C4 

Hugh Jackman returns as the steely, surly and super-sideburned mutant superhero in this X-Men spin-off, which finds the him battling ninjas and the yakuza in Japan.     

Despicable Me 2 ★★★★

3.20-5.20pm ITV2 

Now that Gru is no longer so despicable, the real stars of this sequel are his  Minions – little, yellow and cute (but you probably shouldn’t stroke them)    


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