Mark Hamill reveals Star Wars Episode VIII’s new “exotic alien”

Uhh, that's not an alien Luke...


Details about Star Wars Episode VIII are, understandably, being kept as tightly locked as a Death Star garbage compactor. But what can you do when one of your main stars blabs about a whole new character on his Facebook page?


That’s what we thought Mark Hamill had done with his latest post, when we saw him talking about a brand new “exotic alien creature” set to terrorise Episode VIII. WHAT IS LUKE SKYWALKER DOING?

Then we saw the photo, and felt very, very stupid…

EXCLUSIVE 1st LOOK #EP8-Exotic Alien Creature to terrorize…oh no wait-that’s just my daughter’s dog #Whoops #MyBad #StarWars

Posted by Mark Hamill on Thursday, 25 February 2016

Yep, it’s just Hamill’s daughter’s dog, come to play on the Star Wars set.


The cut pooch’s teeth might be no match for a Sarlacc’s, but we’re still suspicious. Can’t you see the sadness in its eyes?